Being Well – Living Well
April 1, 2014

photo-3Spending hours on your feet is exhausting and painful.

When you need to refresh, sleep well and be ready for another day, find 15-20 minutes for yourself.

Simple and relaxing this pose is guaranteed to calm the chaos in your mind, de-stress your nervous system, while taking the pressure off your feet, hips, back, shoulders and frown.

8 Simple Steps to Relief from Exhaustion
  1. Place a folded blanket or yoga mat on the floor at a wall
  2. Sit sideways against the walls with your knees bent and your hip against the wall
  3. Slowly lower yourself back, with your head on the floor swinging your buttocks around so they touch the wall
  4. Raise your feet up the wall extending them straight up as far as is comfortable for you.
  5. Place a small pillow under your head and/or neck if you are more comfortable.  Another blanket for comfort and coziness is nice too!
  6. Let your arms roll so that your palms face up keeping your arms away from your body in a comfortable position.
  7. Breathe slowly – Every time your minds wanders off (as it will) gently remind yourself to focus on relaxing and on your breathing


Benefits of Legs up the Wall
  • Relieves pressure from your legs, ankles, knees and hips
  • Releases lower back
  • Eases shoulder, upper back and neck tension
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Balances out the mood
  • Allows you to rest and restore your energy.

Legs up the wall is part of a series of Restorative Yoga poses. Simple, effective and easy to do. This series is ideal for anyone who needs to de-stress, energize and find more calm and balance.

Yoga, Mindfulness workshops and classes and other de-stressing activities are available through

January 6, 2014

photo-1Happiness is the New New Year’s Resolution

The mere idea of new year’s resolutions seems a bit of a bogus idea and frankly a little outdated.  We tend to hear the same old thing- lose weight, quit drinking or smoking, exercise more, and sadly such a small percentage actually carry this out a full year.  Not to say that you shouldn’t have goals for the year, but that it doesn’t need to be the start of a new year for you to make changes in your life.  New beginnings can happen at any time!  Stop making empty promises, which are only setting you up to fail and substitute them for a happiness road map!  Here is how..

See, goal setting is kind of like steering a canoe… You must have direction in the area you would like to improve on (after all if you don’t have a destination in mind, how will you be able to recognize if you’ve successfully made it there?) but you will also be tossed and turned by the currents of life if you don’t have an idea which direction to head.  Having a direction doesn’t mean that you can’t modify your route along the way, it’s just important begin the journey, so just start paddling!  If you are always waiting for that perfect moment that you have all the information and feel 100% ready, life will surely pass you by.

This year, try something different and let happiness steer your canoe!  Reflection is an excellent (and fun!) tool to determine what your path has been, what has worked and what hasn’t, and key to setting goals that excite, ignite, and inspire you!  Here are a few ways to use Reflection to guide your 2014 undertakings:

1. Identify your true source of happiness- sit with yourself for 10 minutes and use your imagination to either journal or meditate on what really brings a smile to your face.  Maybe it’s that dream you’ve had in the back of your head that excites you when you think about it, or spending more time with family.  Whatever it is, let happiness be the determining factor of which direction you want to head.

2. Detoxify your mind- reflection is like “taking out the trash” in your mind.  Its a great way to remove limiting beliefs and thoughts that create roadblocks to success and replace them with new ideas and more positive, constructive beliefs that are going to help you achieve your aspirations.  Take some time to identify these toxic beliefs and recognize when they come up and try to steer you off your track.  Recognize that all thoughts are not yours, you can choose to keep, or throw them away if they don’t serve you.

3. Set your intentions- setting intentions are like planning your route.  Don’t worry about how you will achieve something, just say that you want to, and soon circumstances will align to support you because this is what you’ve decided to do.  Set an intention that is from the heart as opposed to material goals and focus on the feelings you wish to feel when you have reached your destination.

4.  Every day we must take small steps towards seeing our goals come to fruition. Let happiness be your guide this year and you will see that the weight will fall off and your desire to smoke and drink as much will dissolve as you will be so busy (and happy) finally fulfilling those dreams and desires you keep meaning to get to, but those other resolutions keep getting in the way.

We’ve been totally backwards in thinking that “if I do this, then I will be happy”.  Instead, this year let happiness be your compass and you will find that life’s currents will magically start to flow in your direction.

December 6, 2013

Mindful Meditation alters rapid gene expression finds new study.

Meditating is good for you! Whether you’ve been practising for decades, thinking you should try it or wondering why so many people are talking about it, researchers are looking at how meditation affects the body and the mind. Some wonderful and surprising findings are coming out of the latest research.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first paper that shows rapid alterations in gene expression within subjects associated with mindfulness meditation practice.” writes study Author Richard J. Davidson. read more …

November 14, 2013


Working with Professional Event Planners has given me a first hand look at how stressful their work life is. Event planning is undeniably one of the most stressful careers anyone can choose. Learning to manage and not suffer through the unrelenting stress that comes with constant changes is the key to having the healthy and all around successful career you want.  Fortunately, we can learn or re-learn how to deal with day to day, moment by moment stress to stay balanced, happy, focused and above all, healthy! Try these 5 tried and true approaches. (more…)

November 14, 2013

Mid terms – Panic or Thrive?

stress picThe past couple of weeks I have the wonderful opportunity to meet with college students to hear their lives are being affected by stress and share some tools and techniques to help students manage and cope with the stress their living with.

Students, like everyone else is not just coping with stress, we’re all over stimulated. Juggling mid terms, deadlines, internships, jobs, social lives takes a huge toll on students. Some students are parents, working one or two jobs juggling their needs along with running a house and studying. (more…)

October 18, 2013

What just 20 minutes of Yoga can do for your brain

I’ve always know that practising Yoga was good for me. Even when I work hard to avoid getting on my mat, there’s a nagging voice telling me to just go and do it!

Living with arthritis often means waking up sore and stiff. It can take half an hour for me not to sound like Frankenstein clomping around the house while my joints warm up until I can move with more freedom.

Getting on the mat to warm up aching muscles, ease pain and increase my sometimes limited flexibility never

read more …

September 16, 2013

Looking Down the Rabbit Hole

Decrease in profitsAccording to Health Canada, work-life conflict, stress that comes from work and family life clashes, is costing Canadian business between $4.5 billion to $10 billion a year. Most organizations know that stress is a problem affecting the health of their people and their profits, the true costs are often not examined or measured.  Exploring some of the recent research we see a number of areas that are causing a loss of productivity, profit and competitiveness.

The cost to the average business of corporate health benefits is read more …

August 22, 2013

treeinhandLife so often takes a sharp corner and turns our world upside down.  This past month a few friends have lost loved ones and are stinging with the pain of loss. Having lost my Dad a few years ago, I experienced the tidal waves of emotions and thoughts that come with grief and loss; both the cold steel knife that cuts deep into your heart and the dull ache that resonates in that empty space deep inside. Losing a person means losing (more…)

June 25, 2013

hummingbird in flowerIn this 24/7 connected world we’re all looking for tools to help us remain balanced, focused on what’s important and healthy – mentally, physically and emotionally. Life just shouldn’t be suffered struggling from one disaster until the next one.

Mindful Living practices provide us with a roadmap to navigate our way through life with more balance, less stress, happier and living more effectively. (more…)