Being Well – Living Well

Living Mindfully is a commitment to giving 100% of yourself to your life. Moment by moment, breath by breath, we’re all challenged to be present to what’s going on in our lives.

In this 24/7 connected world we’re all looking for tools to help us remain balanced, focused on what’s important and healthy – mentally, physically and emotionally. Life just shouldn’t be suffered struggling from one disaster until the next one. Knowing we have a choice to stay present or use our time worrying about the future or ruminating over the past, LIving Mindfully means breaking old habits and developing new habits to live the best lives possible.

Mindful Living practices provide us with a roadmap to navigate our way through life with more balance, less stress, happier and living more effectively.

My dear friend Carol Moxam from The People System,  rhetorically asked: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everything went as smooth as it would if everyone did what they said they would do?”  She’s right, life would be smother with less conflict and a lot less frustration.

Life is just simpler when we’re living moment by moment by our values; showing up and being fully engaged in what we’re doing, being 100% attentive to whoever we’re with.

When people engage with themselves and others with 100% of themselves great things happen.

Throughout this blog, you will find a growing body of people’s stories, business strategies and leadership stories, which highlight people who are living their lives mindfully with intention and values embodied by their actions.

I love to hear about people who are focused on their goals; people who not just survive but thrive and celebrate even in the midst of chaos. Social media is  a great way to find out about people and organizations who are committed to a Culture of Mindfulness. The last years I’ve increasingly used my purchasing power to support companies whose values I respect as I learn more about the companies who we choose to do business with. I want to know which companies are leading their business model from the value of sustainability for people, the planet and profit.

It takes a lot of effort, focus and determination to live 100% engaged in life. As I share stories, I hope you will share yours too. Tell us about your stories; who is making an impact who deserves some recognition for how they live that inspires us all to live better. What happens when we make less than mindful decisions? Which companies and organizations are leaders in making a positive difference for both people and the planet?

Mindfulness, meditation and Yoga are power tools we can use to change our lives for the better. Naturally, massage is high up on my list of healthy practices!

Using these ancient techniques we are learning new ways to live, work and relate to ourselves and each other to help us live better.

There is a growing body of research around the world which shows the impact of these practices on our health and on our world. You’ll find interesting links to studies and research which I hope will encourage you to learn and incorporate the habit of mindfulness into your day – moment by moment.

Thank you for joining me on this growing journey! I’ve had quite a ride so far and I know you have too – it seems the best is still happening – one breath at a time.

You’re cordially invited to join me, communicate and share. We can meet on Facebook, Twitter, or email.


We must each lead a way of life with self-awareness and compassion, to do as much as we can. Then, whatever happens we will have no regrets. – Dalai Lama


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