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September 30, 2016

Coming Home to Being Present

Walking Mediation


In the midst of a chaotic day or week, we can shift ourselves to calm and balanced in a short time by practising being present to what’s so right now. It’s this shift that has us back to being our best selves; balanced, calm, creative, compassionate, loving and empathetic. In other words, being who we want to be.

One of my favourite ways to practice being present is when I walk. Focusing on my breathing or on the placement of my feet, lifting my leg, placing my heel, lowering my foot, lifting my other leg, placing my foot and lowering my heel, focuses my mind, releasing all the mental chatter that distracts me.  When done, my mind is focused, and I’m able to get work done effectively and be present with people.

Taking a few minutes to practice being attentive to what’s so with our body, exercises the mental muscle of focusing on what’s in front of us. The to-do list doesn’t seem quite so daunting when our minds are not fragmented.

Left unchecked, our minds are busy figuring things out, making decisions, analyzing, revisiting the past or anticipating a future. Lacking focus we lose our connection to the present moment where life is happening and spend time living in our heads.

All this mental chatter throughout the day impacts our ability to get things done with velocity, reduces our ability to listen and be truly present with people.

When the mental chatter is stealing your focus, get up and take a few minutes to walk. Bring all of your attention to the sensations you’re experiencing while you’re slowly taking steps.

By defragmenting our mind, we are able to genuinely bring presence and balance to whatever we’re doing and to all of our conversations.


From the Series – Simple steps to Being Well

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