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September 9, 2016

Smoothly Flowing Stream Of Water In The WoodsLiving powerfully, enjoying great relationships, satisfying work and even having some fun is possible when we learn how to shift from lock down or overwhelmed to balanced and calm.  We humans may not have been taught how this mechanism works yet we are wired to control this.

We all get locked into some form of stress reactivity, where we’re not able to be creative, effective, loving, empathetic or compassionate.  Arguments ensue when we’re in fight mode, walking away or shutting down a conversation is how flight response often looks. When we freeze, we’re get stopped and ineffective. Exhaustion is inevitable when we’re chronically in stress mode leaving overwhelmed and believing there’s not enough time.

Without seeing that something else is possible we believe there’s no other way.  The only possibilities we can see when we’re in stress mode are based on the fight flight freeze mechanism.  From that vantage point, we’re seriously missing out on what’s possible.

Shifting out of this auto pilot reaction gives us a totally different vantage point.  What’s available when we shift from stress to relax is pretty much anything. Listening without reacting, gives a completely different outcome, getting unstuck and taking action delivers results, staying present without taking off (physically or mentally) creates something new.

It’s entirely within our control to make this shift ourselves, anywhere, anytime!

  1. Notice when you’re in lock down, aversion mode, or frozen and see it for what it is: a stress response.
  2. Choose powerfully to take 1 action to shift.
  3. Take the action with full intention to shifting from the chaos to calm.

The one action we can always take is breathing with awareness: Noticing how we are breathing and extending our outbreaths will shift our nervous system from stress to relaxation. It’s how we’re built!

The next time you find yourself living out a stress reactivity by withdrawing, avoiding or dominating, take a moment to notice how you’re breathing and stay with it while you consciously extend your exhalations.  Shifting will give you a new vantage point where anything is possible.

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