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November 16, 2015
fruit and veggies

We’re busy! There’s no doubt about it. Too often that means stuffing down some food to kill the hunger while we keep going.

When you need to fill up and get some fuel to keep going try these:

1. Avoid simple carbs such as white anything. While they fill the belly, as a source of fuel it’s too short lived and the crash shortly after means you’re more tired and probably agitated. Choose power food.

2. Go for energy!  Fresh veggies and fruits have live enzymes which get absorbed fastest with the least work. Veggie smoothies with some healthy fats such as avocado, keep you going without the crash.  For a jolt of live, long lasting energy try: 1 avocado, 1/2 Cup of berries, 1 tsp.Maca powder, 250ml/8 oz water, 1/3 Cup of your favourite dark greens, juice from half a lemon. You need a strong blender or juicer for greens such as a Vita Mix. Add enough liquid to make it the consistency you like.

3. Pack some trail mix. Mix in nuts, seeds and a bit of dried fruit/coconut.  Keep small bags in your desk, briefcase and car.

4. Ready to lose the coffee crash and keep the jolt?  Have you tried Matcha tea?  With less caffeine 34 g. vs. 60g in my espresso, the effects are longer lasting without the crash. Next time 3 pm rolls around and you’re needing a lift try Matcha tea without the added sugars of a latte. Click here to find out more about Matcha tea

Powerful foods feed our energy. Cheap processed food depletes.

Don’t let convenience and being hangry influence your choices.

It’s Your Life

Eat Well – Be Well- Live Well

An unabashed Wellness Geek, Carrie and her team of Wellness Ambassadors are personally motivated to Live Well. Together with your leadership we bring Wellness experiences and learning to people and organizations who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to Live Well by Being Well. Massage On Wheels and The Wellness Edge provide services, experiences and fun for Wellness, Health, Marketing events and sharing. Leadership is having our people at their best.

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