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August 28, 2015

5 Ways to Use this Weekend to Recharge

The weekend’s here!

IMG_1664It’s time to hit the reset button if you’re feeling even remotely wiped out from the week. On this beautiful late summer weekend here are 5 ways to get back into that Zen groove you’re wanting.

Give yourself some love. You know it’s really not selfish and some TLC is exactly what you need.

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A little Self Care-Self Love goes a long way to undo the damage. I know there’s an avalanche of other things to take care of. There always is. What are waiting for?  Just be loving to you!

IMG_1533Be outside: This is the weekend that mid winter fantasies are made of. Warm and sunny, the full array of summer blooms are still around while early fall scents and sights are starting.  We wait all year for days like this, get out take in the sun, the sights the smells and sounds. You’ll find me on a hike with my dog through the ravines of Toronto.

Schedule some fun: Don’t let the to do list stop you from having fun.  Get your stuff done and leave room to play. Your kids really want to play with the kid in you! Thankfully my kids love to hike too.

Set your priorities with your purchases.  The stores are packed these last weeks of summer. While some shopping is inevitable, with a bit of planning it won’t have to be overwhelmingly a pain. (or is it just me who resists weekend shopping?) Use these 3 steps to make sure the weekend isn’t a blow out.

Budget. Back to school’s expensive. Really expensive!  Keep your budget in mind and discuss it with your kids and spouse so you aren’t swayed by feel-good spending.  Keeping your kids involved in the conversation helps them learn how to shop wisely. Avoid the credit card burn.

Plan your route. With some pre planning you can save more than enough time to eat well and get out and have some fun.

Choose Well: Ethical and safe shopping helps keep us on top of mindless spending. Do you really want to be bringing items into your house that are toxic? I didn’t think so. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to shop ethically and safely.

Rest! If you’re a human being on this planet your nervous system is way overstimulated and you’re probably one of the 60% of Canadians who are sleep deprived. Try some real relaxation: listen to a meditation, take a yoga class, or enjoy a mindful walk.

Make the weekend exactly what you need. Recharge your batteries and hit the reset button before Monday rolls in.


It’s your weekend, it’s your life.

Be Well Live Well

An unabashed Wellness Geek, Carrie’s motivated to bring Wellness experiences and learning to people and organizations who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to Live Well by Being Well. Massage On Wheels and The Wellness Edge provide services, experiences and and fun for Wellness, Health, Marketing and sharing. It’s time to take control of your Well Being. You can reach her at:

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