Being Well – Living Well
June 5, 2015

POSTCARDWe hear from our client’s daily that they don’t have time to take care of themselves. Does this sound like you?

We’re here to remind you, encourage you, inspire and support you because taking care of yourself is the most important commitment you can make.


Taking care of yourself is smart

Taking care of yourself is an investment with an R.O.I.

Taking care of you gives you the well-being so that you can effectively take care of everyone and everything else.

Taking care of yourself ISN’T selfish and it isn’t difficult

We know it’s a challenge so take it slow if you need to. Here are 5 times everyday you have to practice taking care of your most important resource – YOU

1. You’re already have a morning routine for skin care. Use this time to mindfully apply and massage. Take the time you’re using to give yourself some tender, loving care. Feel stress melt away.

2. Mid morning coffee break: Get up, walk around, use this time to focus on stretching the muscles that might be screaming at you by 3. Sitting all day causes pain, fatigue and makes us cranky.  Undo the damage with some yoga stretches and breathing.

3. Feeling the 3 o’clock burn in your shoulders from sitting at your desk all day?  Inhale and begin to rotate your shoulders up, back, down and forward. 3x back and 3 x forward.  Take full breaths to get more oxygen in you to fuel you for the last leg of the race today.  Coordinate your easy breathing with the movement.

4. Dinner time: EAT, you worked all day and now celebrate being great to yourself with a good meal. Sit down, relax, enjoy. Be mindful of your food rather than rushing through. Food made with love is true gourmet.  You deserve it!

5. A few minutes before sleep is the perfect time to use your breathing and mind to focus on your body in order to get your mind to slow down and relax enough to sleep.  To download a Body Scan Meditation, click here

When you decide to Be Well and take care of yourself, you will find a multitude of ways to be good to yourself. It’s time to make that most important commitment to you.

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