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May 29, 2014

5 simple ways to ease your own stress

Try these simple and effective techniques to help you help yourself.  You’re worth it!

Eye hooks

photo 1

Great techniques for headaches and sinus congestion:  Gently hook your thumbs up into the inner upper corners of your eye sockets, pressing in against the nose bone and up against the ridge of the brow. Please don’t press on your eyes. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds or until the tenderness eases.

Headache point

Use your thumb to press into the meaty part at the base of your thumb in the webbing of your hand between the thumb and index finger. The spot you’re looking for is not in the centre of the meaty part of the webbing, rather, it’s against the bone of the hand. You will know you found it when you press on a tender spot. Hold until the tenderness eases.

Jaw circles

photo 2 You might be surprised at how much tension you carry in your jaw. Having our necks craned forward to look at computer screens really adds to this tension. A simple way (although funny looking) is to use your fingertips to make tiny little circles right into the center of your jaw muscles. You can increase the effect by opening and closing your mouth slowly at the same time.

Ear reflexology

photo 3According to reflexology theory, every point on the bottom of your foot reflects areas in other parts of your body. Did you know that your ears also reflect every other part of the body?  Ear reflexology treats many ailments in Chinese medicine.

Simply rub your ears with a little kneading movement between your thumb and first two fingers. Start at the ear lobe and walk your fingers up around the outside to the top of the ear. Give little tugs outward as you go. Your ears will love this!

Your Feet

You can’t tickle your own feet so go wild.  Rub, squeeze, gently twist with both hands.  Your toes, will love you. Your feet will love you.

With one foot up on the opposite knee, press in with your thumb, sliding it back and forth along the arch from heel to toe. Undo the tension and fatigue with self care.

You’re worth it!

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Carrie Mudrick Rubel

In order to Be Well – Live Well we must find a balance between stress and relaxation. Without this balance our lives are controlled by our habitual stress responses which inevitably cause breakdowns in our health and our relationships.  Practising relaxation creates the habit of responding to life’s challenges, rather than reacting and opens up new opportunities to enjoy balance and equanimity.

An unabashed Wellness Geek, Carrie’s motivated to bring Wellness experiences and learning to people and organizations who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to Live Well by Being Well. Massage On Wheels and The Wellness Edge provide services, experiences and and fun for Wellness, Health, Marketing and sharing. It’s time to take control of your Well Being. You can reach her at:


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