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September 2015
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September 29, 2015

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Fall is a great time to launch Wellness initiatives. While we know workplace wellness increases effectiveness, reduces down time and improves moral, getting and keeping people engaged can be challenging.

Here are 5 tips for building engagement while retaining participation in your Wellness programs. Build results with more engagement.

  1. Ask People What They Need and Want: Every employee’s needs’ can be met regardless of the state of their health. Getting their input ensures people are engaged and invested even before the programs begin. Your teams want to be recognized. Finding out what programs and schedules will work for them will ensure a much higher rate of engagement.
  2. Create teams in the planning and execution. Involved people are engaged people. Working together to create fun programs drives collaboration and creativity. Encourage your naturally outgoing people to spread the word and generate interest and participation.
  3. Create an event to launch your programs each year.  Wellness Days are a perfect venue to bring all of the efforts together, generate excitement, educate people about what’s being offered and give people opportunities to sign up on the spot. Placing a service such as Chair Massage in the back of the room will guarantee a huge turnout.
  4. Lead by example: When people see C-level and managers walking the talk, they get involved. Leaders must create the space, time and opportunities for staff to leave their desks to take part in Wellness. Effective Leaders sign up and actively encourage people to get involved.
  5. Communicate success, excitement and encouragement for upcoming programs: Whether through email, electronic boards, or notices, keeping people informed and engaged about the success of programs, results and the fun will have more people looking to join in. Find the method of communication people will notice. Creative communication can cut through the barrage of emails people received.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about how Wellness and Wellness Experiences can benefit your organization The Wellness Edge – Massage On Wheels has been working with organizing to bring wellness experiences to enhance, inspire and educate teams since 2001. Register for Kitchen Table Chats by clicking here, our monthly round table conversation to help us stay focused on what matters – our Health and Well Being.

The Wellness Edge – Massage On Wheels supports wellness initiatives and experiences with sustainable programs and services for people to Be Well and Live Well.

Contact: Carrie Mudrick Rubel 416 704 8545,, Twitter: massageonwheelz