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April 2014
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April 1, 2014

photo-3Spending hours on your feet is exhausting and painful.

When you need to refresh, sleep well and be ready for another day, find 15-20 minutes for yourself.

Simple and relaxing this pose is guaranteed to calm the chaos in your mind, de-stress your nervous system, while taking the pressure off your feet, hips, back, shoulders and frown.

8 Simple Steps to Relief from Exhaustion
  1. Place a folded blanket or yoga mat on the floor at a wall
  2. Sit sideways against the walls with your knees bent and your hip against the wall
  3. Slowly lower yourself back, with your head on the floor swinging your buttocks around so they touch the wall
  4. Raise your feet up the wall extending them straight up as far as is comfortable for you.
  5. Place a small pillow under your head and/or neck if you are more comfortable.  Another blanket for comfort and coziness is nice too!
  6. Let your arms roll so that your palms face up keeping your arms away from your body in a comfortable position.
  7. Breathe slowly – Every time your minds wanders off (as it will) gently remind yourself to focus on relaxing and on your breathing


Benefits of Legs up the Wall
  • Relieves pressure from your legs, ankles, knees and hips
  • Releases lower back
  • Eases shoulder, upper back and neck tension
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Balances out the mood
  • Allows you to rest and restore your energy.

Legs up the wall is part of a series of Restorative Yoga poses. Simple, effective and easy to do. This series is ideal for anyone who needs to de-stress, energize and find more calm and balance.

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