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September 30, 2016

Coming Home to Being Present

Walking Mediation


In the midst of a chaotic day or week, we can shift ourselves to calm and balanced in a short time by practising being present to what’s so right now. It’s this shift that has us back to being our best selves; balanced, calm, creative, compassionate, loving and empathetic. In other words, being who we want to be.

One of my favourite ways to practice being present is when I walk. Focusing on my breathing or on the placement of my feet, lifting my leg, placing my heel, lowering my foot, lifting my other leg, placing my foot and lowering my heel, focuses my mind, releasing all the mental chatter that distracts me.  When done, my mind is focused, and I’m able to get work done effectively and be present with people.

Taking a few minutes to practice being attentive to what’s so with our body, exercises the mental muscle of focusing on what’s in front of us. The to-do list doesn’t seem quite so daunting when our minds are not fragmented.

Left unchecked, our minds are busy figuring things out, making decisions, analyzing, revisiting the past or anticipating a future. Lacking focus we lose our connection to the present moment where life is happening and spend time living in our heads.

All this mental chatter throughout the day impacts our ability to get things done with velocity, reduces our ability to listen and be truly present with people.

When the mental chatter is stealing your focus, get up and take a few minutes to walk. Bring all of your attention to the sensations you’re experiencing while you’re slowly taking steps.

By defragmenting our mind, we are able to genuinely bring presence and balance to whatever we’re doing and to all of our conversations.


From the Series – Simple steps to Being Well

Carrie Mudrick Rubel’s  Massage On Wheels – The Wellness Edge, is bringing the tipping point from overwhelmed to balance and well-being with experiences that engage, educate and enliven events and workplaces across North America.

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September 9, 2016

Smoothly Flowing Stream Of Water In The WoodsLiving powerfully, enjoying great relationships, satisfying work and even having some fun is possible when we learn how to shift from lock down or overwhelmed to balanced and calm.  We humans may not have been taught how this mechanism works yet we are wired to control this.

We all get locked into some form of stress reactivity, where we’re not able to be creative, effective, loving, empathetic or compassionate.  Arguments ensue when we’re in fight mode, walking away or shutting down a conversation is how flight response often looks. When we freeze, we’re get stopped and ineffective. Exhaustion is inevitable when we’re chronically in stress mode leaving overwhelmed and believing there’s not enough time.

Without seeing that something else is possible we believe there’s no other way.  The only possibilities we can see when we’re in stress mode are based on the fight flight freeze mechanism.  From that vantage point, we’re seriously missing out on what’s possible.

Shifting out of this auto pilot reaction gives us a totally different vantage point.  What’s available when we shift from stress to relax is pretty much anything. Listening without reacting, gives a completely different outcome, getting unstuck and taking action delivers results, staying present without taking off (physically or mentally) creates something new.

It’s entirely within our control to make this shift ourselves, anywhere, anytime!

  1. Notice when you’re in lock down, aversion mode, or frozen and see it for what it is: a stress response.
  2. Choose powerfully to take 1 action to shift.
  3. Take the action with full intention to shifting from the chaos to calm.

The one action we can always take is breathing with awareness: Noticing how we are breathing and extending our outbreaths will shift our nervous system from stress to relaxation. It’s how we’re built!

The next time you find yourself living out a stress reactivity by withdrawing, avoiding or dominating, take a moment to notice how you’re breathing and stay with it while you consciously extend your exhalations.  Shifting will give you a new vantage point where anything is possible.

November 16, 2015
fruit and veggies

We’re busy! There’s no doubt about it. Too often that means stuffing down some food to kill the hunger while we keep going.

When you need to fill up and get some fuel to keep going try these:

1. Avoid simple carbs such as white anything. While they fill the belly, as a source of fuel it’s too short lived and the crash shortly after means you’re more tired and probably agitated. Choose power food.

2. Go for energy!  Fresh veggies and fruits have live enzymes which get absorbed fastest with the least work. Veggie smoothies with some healthy fats such as avocado, keep you going without the crash.  For a jolt of live, long lasting energy try: 1 avocado, 1/2 Cup of berries, 1 tsp.Maca powder, 250ml/8 oz water, 1/3 Cup of your favourite dark greens, juice from half a lemon. You need a strong blender or juicer for greens such as a Vita Mix. Add enough liquid to make it the consistency you like.

3. Pack some trail mix. Mix in nuts, seeds and a bit of dried fruit/coconut.  Keep small bags in your desk, briefcase and car.

4. Ready to lose the coffee crash and keep the jolt?  Have you tried Matcha tea?  With less caffeine 34 g. vs. 60g in my espresso, the effects are longer lasting without the crash. Next time 3 pm rolls around and you’re needing a lift try Matcha tea without the added sugars of a latte. Click here to find out more about Matcha tea

Powerful foods feed our energy. Cheap processed food depletes.

Don’t let convenience and being hangry influence your choices.

It’s Your Life

Eat Well – Be Well- Live Well

An unabashed Wellness Geek, Carrie and her team of Wellness Ambassadors are personally motivated to Live Well. Together with your leadership we bring Wellness experiences and learning to people and organizations who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to Live Well by Being Well. Massage On Wheels and The Wellness Edge provide services, experiences and fun for Wellness, Health, Marketing events and sharing. Leadership is having our people at their best.

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October 2, 2015

mesh_bkg_typ_04_2_ai10-1113vv-vIt’s both the first and last thing we do while we’re on this planet.  Essential to living, breathing is something we do automatically, without thinking. Unfortunately many people have forgotten how to breathe properly, taking short and shallow breaths which tells our brains that something is not right.  Short and shallow breathing occurs naturally when we’re stressed or threatened.

Watching a baby breathe is beautiful. Naturally their abdomen expands and contracts before they learn to suck in their bellies and puff out their chests to look good.

Whether we breathe properly, from the abdomen, or improperly, our breathing affects our whole body; how  well we oxygenate our body, focus and concentrate,  and regulate our emotional state are all affected by how well we breathe. How mental, physical and emotional health are not just affected by how we breathe, we can see the state of our health in our breathing.

When we’re stressed, angry, our breathing is short and fast. When we’re relaxed we breathe slower and more deeply. By altering our breathing by consciously  breathing deeper, and slower from our abdomen, we alter our emotional state to match our breathing pattern.Learning to breathe properly takes practise.  We move from shallow chest breathing to deep abdominal breathing.

How to breathe properly:

  • Lying on your back, with your knees bent, place your hands or a book lightly on your abdomen just above your navel.
  • Start by taking a few normal breaths.
  • Inhale through your nose. Feel your abdomen expand as your use your diaphragm to breathe.
  • Exhale slowly, noticing the sensations of the air leaving your body.
  • Repeat this relaxed and full breathing for a few minutes.

Notice how much more relaxed, energized and clear headed you are when you breathe properly.  If you’ve been breathing from your chest for a long time, it will take some practise to retrain your body to breathe properly without thinking about. Spending some time each day mindfully breathing will help retrain your body to breathe properly while you give yourself the the many gifts which proper breathing provides.

Yoga, Tai Chi and other body centred practices provide us with an exceptional opportunity to use breath to regulate our emotions, improve our health and bring mindfulness to our breathing.  Pranayama is the Yogic science which teaches a variety of methods to improve our health through breath.

Increase your energy, while you decrease your stress. Call us to experience the simple techniques and health saving effects of proper breathing at your events and workplace. You can reach Carrie at 416 704 8545 or email:





September 29, 2015

tried and true image

Fall is a great time to launch Wellness initiatives. While we know workplace wellness increases effectiveness, reduces down time and improves moral, getting and keeping people engaged can be challenging.

Here are 5 tips for building engagement while retaining participation in your Wellness programs. Build results with more engagement.

  1. Ask People What They Need and Want: Every employee’s needs’ can be met regardless of the state of their health. Getting their input ensures people are engaged and invested even before the programs begin. Your teams want to be recognized. Finding out what programs and schedules will work for them will ensure a much higher rate of engagement.
  2. Create teams in the planning and execution. Involved people are engaged people. Working together to create fun programs drives collaboration and creativity. Encourage your naturally outgoing people to spread the word and generate interest and participation.
  3. Create an event to launch your programs each year.  Wellness Days are a perfect venue to bring all of the efforts together, generate excitement, educate people about what’s being offered and give people opportunities to sign up on the spot. Placing a service such as Chair Massage in the back of the room will guarantee a huge turnout.
  4. Lead by example: When people see C-level and managers walking the talk, they get involved. Leaders must create the space, time and opportunities for staff to leave their desks to take part in Wellness. Effective Leaders sign up and actively encourage people to get involved.
  5. Communicate success, excitement and encouragement for upcoming programs: Whether through email, electronic boards, or notices, keeping people informed and engaged about the success of programs, results and the fun will have more people looking to join in. Find the method of communication people will notice. Creative communication can cut through the barrage of emails people received.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about how Wellness and Wellness Experiences can benefit your organization The Wellness Edge – Massage On Wheels has been working with organizing to bring wellness experiences to enhance, inspire and educate teams since 2001. Register for Kitchen Table Chats by clicking here, our monthly round table conversation to help us stay focused on what matters – our Health and Well Being.

The Wellness Edge – Massage On Wheels supports wellness initiatives and experiences with sustainable programs and services for people to Be Well and Live Well.

Contact: Carrie Mudrick Rubel 416 704 8545,, Twitter: massageonwheelz

August 28, 2015

5 Ways to Use this Weekend to Recharge

The weekend’s here!

IMG_1664It’s time to hit the reset button if you’re feeling even remotely wiped out from the week. On this beautiful late summer weekend here are 5 ways to get back into that Zen groove you’re wanting.

Give yourself some love. You know it’s really not selfish and some TLC is exactly what you need.

mani close

A little Self Care-Self Love goes a long way to undo the damage. I know there’s an avalanche of other things to take care of. There always is. What are waiting for?  Just be loving to you!

IMG_1533Be outside: This is the weekend that mid winter fantasies are made of. Warm and sunny, the full array of summer blooms are still around while early fall scents and sights are starting.  We wait all year for days like this, get out take in the sun, the sights the smells and sounds. You’ll find me on a hike with my dog through the ravines of Toronto.

Schedule some fun: Don’t let the to do list stop you from having fun.  Get your stuff done and leave room to play. Your kids really want to play with the kid in you! Thankfully my kids love to hike too.

Set your priorities with your purchases.  The stores are packed these last weeks of summer. While some shopping is inevitable, with a bit of planning it won’t have to be overwhelmingly a pain. (or is it just me who resists weekend shopping?) Use these 3 steps to make sure the weekend isn’t a blow out.

Budget. Back to school’s expensive. Really expensive!  Keep your budget in mind and discuss it with your kids and spouse so you aren’t swayed by feel-good spending.  Keeping your kids involved in the conversation helps them learn how to shop wisely. Avoid the credit card burn.

Plan your route. With some pre planning you can save more than enough time to eat well and get out and have some fun.

Choose Well: Ethical and safe shopping helps keep us on top of mindless spending. Do you really want to be bringing items into your house that are toxic? I didn’t think so. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to shop ethically and safely.

Rest! If you’re a human being on this planet your nervous system is way overstimulated and you’re probably one of the 60% of Canadians who are sleep deprived. Try some real relaxation: listen to a meditation, take a yoga class, or enjoy a mindful walk.

Make the weekend exactly what you need. Recharge your batteries and hit the reset button before Monday rolls in.


It’s your weekend, it’s your life.

Be Well Live Well

An unabashed Wellness Geek, Carrie’s motivated to bring Wellness experiences and learning to people and organizations who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to Live Well by Being Well. Massage On Wheels and The Wellness Edge provide services, experiences and and fun for Wellness, Health, Marketing and sharing. It’s time to take control of your Well Being. You can reach her at:

August 5, 2015


The break you need is One Conscious Breath away.

I need a break! How many times have you thought this lately?

If being overtired, overwhelmed, frustrated, in pain, angry, or impatient were a currency we’d all be wealthy.  Too many of us are “in the black” when it comes to energy, fun, calm, and contentment.  Being busy, many of us are habituated to being overwhelmed; we’ve lost the knowledge that our brains and bodies are literally wired to be calm, balanced, creative, compassionate, energetic and loving.  That’s how this wonderful machine we call a body is built.  Regrettably, most people don’t know how to switch from chaos to calm and have forgotten how incredible it is to be living in the zone of balance and relaxation.

Here’s how it works:

Whether we’re frenetic and overwhelmed or calm and focused is completely determined by which of the two branches of our nervous system is turned on in any given moment: the Sympathetic branch, the part that gets us stressed, or the Parasympathetic branch, the part of the nervous system that has us being calm, balanced, and relaxed. By activating the relaxed branch, we stop the stress hormones from pumping out of our brains and instead, enjoy feeling restored and balanced.

Feeling Well comes when there’s balance between the two branches of the the Nervous System

If you’re interested in the physiological information of the Autonomic Nervous system, check out this link:

Switching Gears: From Chaos to Calm

The fastest and easiest way to access the Relaxation branch of the nervous system is through our breath. By focusing our attention on our breathing, we gain access to, and can relax into being present, relaxed, balanced and fully engaged in what’s happening.

Being fully aware of our breathing shifts us from stressed to relaxed, overwhelmed to calm.

Our breathing, our respiratory system is in constant conversation with our nervous system. It’s a two-way conversation that impacts our day and yet, we rarely notice it. How we’re breathing, moment-by-moment through the day is a mirror reflecting which branch of our nervous system is activated.  This relationship is so intricately connected that with practice you will notice that each emotional state has a corresponding pattern of breathing.

Getting to Know You: Breath by Breath.

Check in with yourself to get to know when you’re out of balance, otherwise you will find yourself exhausted, depleted and not particularly happy. This imbalance shows itself in many ways. How many of the following are you experiencing this week?

Anger, impatience aggressiveness, argumentative, shut down, hibernating/avoidence, exhaustion, unable to sleep, high blood pressure, tension headaches.  

 Any time you’re experiencing one or more of the above(feel free to add more to the list) it’s your opportunity to engage the 3 R’s.

Recognize that you’re feeling off. That’s the balance of the system tilting the wrong way.

Refocus your attention to your breathing.

Return to calm, restorative and balanced.

Refocusing our attention to our breathing can feel oddly unfamiliar and even uncomfortable in the beginning.  Keeping our attention on such a simple thing as breathe in – breathe out can trigger boredom when we’re used to high energy over stimulation.  Create the intention to stay present to whatever arises; thoughts, feelings and sensations will always come up into our awareness, that’s how we’re wired. Simply notice each one without judgment, but with kindness and you’ll find more space to take in what’s going on: rapid or slow breathing,the flow of air, the sensations of air entering and leaving, the rise and fall of the belly and chest

Our nervous system (how we feel) and respiratory system (how we breathe) equally impact each other.   By paying attention to our breathing the breath slows down and deepens. It’s automatic.  Focusing our awareness on our breath triggers relaxed breathing, which tells the nervous system to start up the parasympathetic branch. Relaxed breathing is our access to feeling well, balanced.

The challenge after spending so much time out of balance is remembering that we have a choice and can exercise that choice. I know that whenever I’m feeling off, impatient, anxious, bored, upset, that it’s time to shift.  Sometimes when I’m super stressed, it takes a few tries to fully bring my awareness to One Conscious Breath. 100% of the time, the moment my mind’s attention drops into my breathing, I calm down, relax and have access to a broader menu of possibilities.

To download One Conscious Breathe  Click here

It only takes a moment to shift from chaos to calm using mindful conscious breathing. Check out the impact for yourself and see how easily you can create the break you want and need.

Carrie Mudrick Rubel

In order to Be Well – Live Well we must find a balance between stress and relaxation. Without this balance our lives are controlled by our habitual stress responses which inevitably cause breakdowns in our health and our relationships.  Practising relaxation creates the habit of responding to life’s challenges, rather than reacting and opens up new opportunities to enjoy balance and equanimity.


An unabashed Wellness Geek, Carrie’s motivated to bring Wellness experiences and learning to people and organizations who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to Live Well by Being Well. Massage On Wheels and The Wellness Edge provide services, experiences and and fun for Wellness, Health, Marketing and sharing. It’s time to take control of your Well Being. You can reach her at:

June 5, 2015

POSTCARDWe hear from our client’s daily that they don’t have time to take care of themselves. Does this sound like you?

We’re here to remind you, encourage you, inspire and support you because taking care of yourself is the most important commitment you can make.


Taking care of yourself is smart

Taking care of yourself is an investment with an R.O.I.

Taking care of you gives you the well-being so that you can effectively take care of everyone and everything else.

Taking care of yourself ISN’T selfish and it isn’t difficult

We know it’s a challenge so take it slow if you need to. Here are 5 times everyday you have to practice taking care of your most important resource – YOU

1. You’re already have a morning routine for skin care. Use this time to mindfully apply and massage. Take the time you’re using to give yourself some tender, loving care. Feel stress melt away.

2. Mid morning coffee break: Get up, walk around, use this time to focus on stretching the muscles that might be screaming at you by 3. Sitting all day causes pain, fatigue and makes us cranky.  Undo the damage with some yoga stretches and breathing.

3. Feeling the 3 o’clock burn in your shoulders from sitting at your desk all day?  Inhale and begin to rotate your shoulders up, back, down and forward. 3x back and 3 x forward.  Take full breaths to get more oxygen in you to fuel you for the last leg of the race today.  Coordinate your easy breathing with the movement.

4. Dinner time: EAT, you worked all day and now celebrate being great to yourself with a good meal. Sit down, relax, enjoy. Be mindful of your food rather than rushing through. Food made with love is true gourmet.  You deserve it!

5. A few minutes before sleep is the perfect time to use your breathing and mind to focus on your body in order to get your mind to slow down and relax enough to sleep.  To download a Body Scan Meditation, click here

When you decide to Be Well and take care of yourself, you will find a multitude of ways to be good to yourself. It’s time to make that most important commitment to you.

What stands in the way? for more information


November 27, 2014

Yellow Brick House




Our community is reaching out to help people who are facing enormous challenges right now.  Yellow Brick House empowers and supports abused women and children by providing emergency shelter, support and the necessities to live. 6500 women and children were helped last year alone. We are here to help!

There are a couple of ways YOU can inspire an even bigger community to contribute to this campaign of giving.
Challenge your communities to join us by Taking ActionInvite your friends, neighbours and colleagues to contribute
Share on social media. Use the hashtag #TWEBuildingCommunities and join the conversation while sharing Facebook posts
 a selfie of you and others in action
Collect: If you have an office, school, shop or meeting, put up a flyer, talk to people and create a drop off place.
The more people who join this Giving Community, the more women and children will have what they need to make it through this winter and the holidays.
Call us to arrange pick up or delivery of the following necessities:
  • Winter clothing of all sizes
  • Boots
  • Blankets
  • Diapers
  • Formula and baby food
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Gifts for girls aged 3 and up
  • Gift cards especially for teens
  • Cash to allow people to purchase holiday gifts for their kids
    All items will be delivered on December 10th to Yellow Brick House in time for the holidays and cold weather. If you are unable to drop off your items, we will pick up on Sunday Dec. 7th.  Thank you for being a part of our growing community of Sharing and Caring community – One Touch of Kindness at a Time

Carrie Mudrick Rubel, Massage On Wheels – The Wellness Edge 416.704.8545 #TWEBuildingCommunities.

May 29, 2014

5 simple ways to ease your own stress

Try these simple and effective techniques to help you help yourself.  You’re worth it!

Eye hooks

photo 1

Great techniques for headaches and sinus congestion:  Gently hook your thumbs up into the inner upper corners of your eye sockets, pressing in against the nose bone and up against the ridge of the brow. Please don’t press on your eyes. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds or until the tenderness eases.

Headache point

Use your thumb to press into the meaty part at the base of your thumb in the webbing of your hand between the thumb and index finger. The spot you’re looking for is not in the centre of the meaty part of the webbing, rather, it’s against the bone of the hand. You will know you found it when you press on a tender spot. Hold until the tenderness eases.

Jaw circles

photo 2 You might be surprised at how much tension you carry in your jaw. Having our necks craned forward to look at computer screens really adds to this tension. A simple way (although funny looking) is to use your fingertips to make tiny little circles right into the center of your jaw muscles. You can increase the effect by opening and closing your mouth slowly at the same time.

Ear reflexology

photo 3According to reflexology theory, every point on the bottom of your foot reflects areas in other parts of your body. Did you know that your ears also reflect every other part of the body?  Ear reflexology treats many ailments in Chinese medicine.

Simply rub your ears with a little kneading movement between your thumb and first two fingers. Start at the ear lobe and walk your fingers up around the outside to the top of the ear. Give little tugs outward as you go. Your ears will love this!

Your Feet

You can’t tickle your own feet so go wild.  Rub, squeeze, gently twist with both hands.  Your toes, will love you. Your feet will love you.

With one foot up on the opposite knee, press in with your thumb, sliding it back and forth along the arch from heel to toe. Undo the tension and fatigue with self care.

You’re worth it!

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Carrie Mudrick Rubel

In order to Be Well – Live Well we must find a balance between stress and relaxation. Without this balance our lives are controlled by our habitual stress responses which inevitably cause breakdowns in our health and our relationships.  Practising relaxation creates the habit of responding to life’s challenges, rather than reacting and opens up new opportunities to enjoy balance and equanimity.

An unabashed Wellness Geek, Carrie’s motivated to bring Wellness experiences and learning to people and organizations who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to Live Well by Being Well. Massage On Wheels and The Wellness Edge provide services, experiences and and fun for Wellness, Health, Marketing and sharing. It’s time to take control of your Well Being. You can reach her at: