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November 14, 2013


Working with Professional Event Planners has given me a first hand look at how stressful their work life is. Event planning is undeniably one of the most stressful careers anyone can choose. Learning to manage and not suffer through the unrelenting stress that comes with constant changes is the key to having the healthy and all around successful career you want.  Fortunately, we can learn or re-learn how to deal with day to day, moment by moment stress to stay balanced, happy, focused and above all, healthy! Try these 5 tried and true approaches. read more …

November 14, 2013

Mid terms – Panic or Thrive?

stress picThe past couple of weeks I have the wonderful opportunity to meet with college students to hear their lives are being affected by stress and share some tools and techniques to help students manage and cope with the stress their living with.

Students, like everyone else is not just coping with stress, we’re all over stimulated. Juggling mid terms, deadlines, internships, jobs, social lives takes a huge toll on students. Some students are parents, working one or two jobs juggling their needs along with running a house and studying. read more …

September 16, 2013

Looking Down the Rabbit Hole

Decrease in profitsAccording to Health Canada, work-life conflict, stress that comes from work and family life clashes, is costing Canadian business between $4.5 billion to $10 billion a year. Most organizations know that stress is a problem affecting the health of their people and their profits, the true costs are often not examined or measured.  Exploring some of the recent research we see a number of areas that are causing a loss of productivity, profit and competitiveness.

The cost to the average business of corporate health benefits is read more …